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The project objectives are summarised in the following:

  • Establishing the relevant OurSpace Network comprising of the members of the OurSpace consortium including also key players outside of the consortium, which will bring forward new topics for debate and will provide relevant feedback to the public
  • Deploy an Innovative communication area for democratic participation: Setting-up a web based platform which will allow the youngsters from different countries to discuss and share common issues and create online debates
  • Strengthening and enhancing transparency and accessibility of dialogue: Formalising the online deliberation process with a particular emphasis on cross-border deliberation and their inherent cultural, lingual and other challenges
  • Engage a broad range of young EU citizens to participate by using the tool to deliver true value through collaborative participation. Organizing events & communication channels in order to strengthen and further explore OurSpace network to a wider-audience
  • Feed the results of the debates to the relevant National & EU governmental Organisations: Creating a feedback framework that will deliver results to the decision-makers and will encourage them to respond back to youngster via the platform
  • Evaluate the levels of success of the project trials: Conducting an overall evaluation of the pilots’ efficiency and added value.
  • Create a sustainable strategy for project achievements and outcomes : Using the outcomes to understand the best practices for achieving positive impact as well as provide a sustainable cost effective implementation package for future deployment

The specific activities to be undertaken to achieve the above objectives are as follows:

  1. Identification of the Critical Thematic topics of common interest among the countries by the Youth organisations following the priorities of the EU agenda
  2. Definition of the online deliberation processes in order to ensure transparency and stimulate active participation;
  3. Definition of Code of Conduct and Moderation Activity plan
  4. Implementation of the web-based OurSpace platform and related Apps (mobile, iGOOGLE and FB)
  5. Definition of the dissemination and promotional activity plan of OurSpace
  6. Establishment of a link with the representatives of National and European Organisations & Committees, MPs, MEPs and other EU decision-makers in order to promote and bring forward the results of such initiative
  7. Soft launch and initial promotion of the platform
  8. Formal Launch of the platform
  9. Evaluation and ongoing updates

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