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OurSpace harnesses the power of ICT PSP Work Programme to provide new opportunities for engaging young citizens in politics in a manner that reduces the perceived democratic deficit and contributes towards the expected impacts listed under the objective 3.5: eParticipation – empower and involve citizens in transparent decision making in the EU.

In particular, OurSpace contributes towards to following expected impacts:

  1. High level of maturity in the use of ICTs in transparent, participatory and accountable decision-making
  2. Demonstrated improvements in policy and decision making
  3. Enhanced citizens’ capacity to participate in the EU policy and decision making through wide scale collaboration across the EU

In order to achieve the target impacts on time and within budget OurSpace takes the following steps:

These individual steps are designed to deliver outcomes to increase the efficiency of the project and lower the risks of failure. The steps guides the consortium through the entire lifecycle of the project and ensures that the budget is maximized and all stakeholders are satisfied with the outcomes.

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