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Nowadays, it is apparent that:

  • We are facing a democratic deficit at National and EU level as young people have lost their trust in the existing political and democratic systems and procedures;
  • There is no real understanding from the youth side regarding the crucial matters that are daily decided at an EU level;
  • There is a high recognition from the Commission of the EU concerning the importance of bringing young people into decision making processes whether in the political, social or economic arena.
  • Current and future European and National youth policies in Europe will face severe challenges and will need to address true needs of both young people and societies in general.
The Aim

OurSpace is based on the idea that the active involvement of young people in the process of socio-political decision-making plays a very important role in our societies. Therefore, OurSpace, aims to contribute towards bringing the EU closer to the youth by improving their role within the democratic system of the EC through the use of ICT. In this context, OurSpace will try to combine three critical dimensions namely,

  • The thematic interest and lack of information of young people
  • The ICT usage
  • The fundamental readiness to participate

In order to identify the key parameters that will create the basis for strategic political communication with young people. In this aspect, the project provides a unique online collaboration space designed to actively engage young European citizens in the moulding of their future society.

The Outcome

OurSpace is an Online Social Network where youth can express their thoughts on politics, society, economy and debate with decision-makers and young people across Europe.

OurSpace puts the power of European Union’s decision-making in the hands of the youth by providing them with a useful set of online tools to have a say in EU politics.

Did you know?

OurSpace is tailored entirely to the needs of the young European citizens. It provides a common Social Networking space to support the active participation and real-time collaboration among the European youngsters. On OurSpace platform you can debate about issues that affect young Europeans every day such as: Economy, Education, Employment, Environment, Human Rights, Innovation, Politics.

The platform currently supports four languages (Greek, English, German and Czech).


The results of the trials are communicated to the relevant public administration bodies, National committees and eventually relevant EU institutions responsible for Youth affairs aiming to influence the decision-making and policy formation process. In this way, the OurSpace project ensures that European Young citizens’ contribution reach the decision-makers.

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