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Information Society Projects in ICT for government and governance (Theme 3)

  • ImmigrationPolicy2.0
    Participatory Immigration Policy Making and Harmonization based on Collaborative Web2.0 Technologies - Project started Sep 2010

  • MyUniversity
    MyUniversity: Decision making for a united higher education - Project started Mar 2010

    Electronic Participation Tools for Spatial Planning and Territorial Development - Project started Sep 2010

  • Puzzled by Policy
    Puzzled by Policy - Project started Oct 2010

Projects from ICT for Governance and Policy Modelling (ICT-2009.7.3)

  • +Spaces
    +Policy Simulation in Virtual Spaces Grant agreement – Project started Jan 2010
  • Cockpit
    Citizens Collaboration and Co-Creation in Public Service Delivery – Project started Jan 2010
  • CrossRoad
    A Participative Roadmap for ICT Research in Electronic Governance and Policy Modelling – Project started Jan 2010
    Integrated Method for Policy Making Using Argument Modelling and Computer Assisted Text Analysis - Project started Jan 2010
    Open Collaboration for Policy Modelling - Project started Jan 2010
    Ubiquitous Participation Platform for Policy Making - Project started Jan 2010
  • WeGov
    Where eGovernment meets the eSociety - Project started Jan 2010
  • e-CODEX
    e-Justice Communication via Online Data Exchange - Project started Dec 2010
    Bridging Communities for Next Generation Policy-Making - Project started Oct 2011
    politics 2 steps ahead - Project started Oct 2011
  • eGovPoliNet 
    The Policy Community


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