Interested in Adopting OurSpace? Learn How:

Using the existing OurSpace platform
OurSpace was designed to support organizations and authorities who need to consult with large groups of young people, regardless of nationality or language boundaries. The platform has currently over 3500 young users from across Europe, and is populated with content based on national and European big issues that affect their everyday life.

If you are interested in engaging with young people on related topics, the current OurSpace platform can offer you a ready-to-use solution. Main features include:
  1. A Deliberation platform geared towards the engagement of young people in the decision making process at both local and European levels
  2. An Android App offering access to OurSpace on-the-go
  3. A Facebook App offering the same functionality as the OurSpace platform
You can find out how to create and moderate a new discussion on the OurSpace platform, by reading the Instructions Manual.
Click here to start using the OurSpace platform and use our existing Facebook and Twitter channels to promote your related activities.